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(Hoedspruit, South Africa)

Nestled in a picturesque setting at the base of the Drakensberg escarpment in the Limpopo Province lowveld of South Africa, the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre plays a crucial role in conserving many endangered species of Africa. Moholoholo has become a haven for the rehabilitation and care of abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife as well as facilitating the monitoring and breeding of endangered species.


Wildlife is brought into the Centre from all corners of South Africa, and once healthy enough are reintroduced into their natural environments.  The animals who cannot be returned to the wild due to the nature of their injuries are cared for at the Centre and used as "ambassadors" to educate schools and visitors from all over the world.  Moholoholo was recently featured on National Geographic in a six-part documentary call "Wild Orphans".

The conservation efforts of Moholoholo make a huge difference to many species, including raptors.  Moholoholo strives to conserve what man is fast destroying through the rehabilitation of African wildlife and currently runs hugely successful breeding programmes for a variety of threatened species.  Moholoholo is the only facility in Southern Africa to have successfully bred this endangered Crowned Eagle.  Additionally, the Centre has bred and released over 150 rare Serval cats into areas where they have previously become extinct. Reports have been received that some of the females have since mated with wild males in the area where they have been released.

The Centre is a non-profit organization that relies completely on public donations and volunteer support to continue their important work.


Volunteer Work

Because of the reactionary nature of the Centre, the programme is both changeable and unpredictable.  Volunteers can expect to assist and participate in some of the following activities:


•Hand rearing of orphaned animals, such as cheetah cubs, warthogs and rhinos

•Care and feeding of the permanent residents who cannot be released back into the wild due to the nature of their injuries

•Treatment and care of sick and injured animals who can thereafter be released back into the wild

•Attending call-outs to capture animals for relocation or transfer to the Centre for treatment (darting or humane trapping)

•Wildlife veterinary work, much of which is carried out by the staff at the Centre

•Game capture, relocation and release when appropriate

•Morning bush walks to learn about flora, fauna, spoor, etc


Of course the work will not always be interesting and glamorous.  Volunteers will be required to clean enclosures, scrub bedding mats and cut grass for bedding.  This type of work is vital to the running of the Centre and should be undertaken with enthusiasm.


Other Activities

Moholoholo is remote and there is no public transport to town. However, volunteers will have an opportunity to visit town approximately once a week in coordination with trips to collect food and pick up/drop off volunteers. The nearest town, Hoedspruit, is small but has all the usual amenities, including medical doctors, supermarkets, restaurants and Internet cafés.  


Moholoholo is also situated close to the world famous Kruger National Park (60 kilometres from the Orpen Gate) so you may have the opportunity to see animals in the wild.  While we can not guarantee a visit to Moholoholo's private safari camp in Kruger (dependent on the amount of work at the Centre), volunteers can always arrange their own excursions to Kruger.


Field Conditions

Accommodation comprises lovely renovated buildings with separate male and female rooms and bathrooms (hot water for showers) with 2-4 volunteers per room.  We will do our best to accommodate married couples in private rooms upon request.  Linens are provided, but please supply your own bathing towel. There is a separate kitchen and communal lounge.  Internet is now available in the lounge by buying vouchers at the office.


Three delicious meals are provided daily at our Forest Camp Lodge, which means walking 10 minutes through the bush to get there for breakfast and lunch (some people choose to just grab a quick breakfast at the volunteer kitchen).  For supper, we are lucky enough to get a bush ride by vehicle to and from the lodge, which gives us a chance to see nocturnal animals in the evening. 


Time off is limited at Moholoholo although you will tend to find that evenings and Sunday afternoons can be spent at your own leisure. There are a number of attractions in around the area that can be easily accessed during your time.


Training / Qualifications

Training will be given in all aspects of the African bushveld, including wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and research.


Age Requirement

Moholoholo accepts volunteers of 16+ years of age.  Volunteers under 16 years old are only considered when accompanied by a parent/guardian.  There isn't a maximum age limit, though a reasonable fitness level is necessary.



Volunteer Contribution:

2 weeks: GB£1045 / US$1795

3 weeks: GB£1495 / US$2495

4 weeks: GB£1895 / US$3195


Important Note:

Due to currency fluctuations, Enkosini uses USD rates as our standard. The GBP rates are indications of approximate recent values (1GBP:1.67USD). Please visit www.xe.com to convert from USD to your currency.


Volunteers receive a $100 USD discount when joining multiple Enkosini Eco Experience programs (one discount only).


The volunteer contribution covers meals, accommodation, laundry, activities, transfers from Hoedpsruit to the reserve and project donation. Flights and travel/medical insurance are not included. The only additional spending money required will be for personal purchases (curios, alcohol, soda, luxury/imported goods, chocolates, sweets, toiletries), social excursions away from Moholoholo, and pre/post project travel.


Please bear in mind that the sooner you apply, the better your chances of securing your placement!



There are no set dates for this project. Volunteers can stay between 1-12 weeks and just need to inform Enkosini Eco Experience of the date they are planning to arrive. Volunteers are required to sign an indemnity form acknowledging and accepting the consequences of working in close contact with wild animals.  



The closest town to Moholoholo is HOEDSPRUIT - nearly 500kms from Johannesburg.  Hoedspruit is approximately 30kms, or a half hour away from Moholoholo.  


Flights and buses are available from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit.  Arrangements will be made to collect incoming volunteers from either the Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport or Hoedspruit Bus Station.


By Plane – Jo'burg to Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport

Flights leave from the domestic terminal at Johannesburg International Airport. The flight is ± 1hour, 15 minutes.  These flights are conducted by SA Express (www.flysaa.co.za).


By Bus - Jo'burg to Hoedspruit

Buses leave from the Johannesburg Park Station or Pretoria Bus Station.  To get to these stations, you will need to organize transport with your hotel/backpackers or catch a taxi.


City-to-City buses depart every other day from Jo'Burg at 07h00 and Pretoria at 08h15, arriving into Hoedspruit at 15h20.   For bus reservations, contact Veena at veena@apx.co.za - email her with your name, dates of travel and where you will be traveling to/from.  Volunteers need to arrive at the bus station at least 30 minutes before departure to pay for your bus ticket or the ticket will be forfeited.  Try to book your bus ticket at least a month in advance as they definitely fill up!



The Hoedspruit area borders a malarial zone and it is incumbent upon each person to take medical opinion on vaccinations and whether or not to follow a malaria prophylactic program. There are no formal vaccinations requirements for entering South Africa. 


Moholoholo does have electricity, running water (drinkable), and telephone service that needs a “World Call Card” to operate. Laundry service is provided, except for your “delicates.”


Volunteers will be provided with two tee-shirts upon arrival which should be worn every day as a work uniform along with long trousers (preferably khaki). You can change into your own gear after hours, but even after hours your wardrobe should be relatively conservative. Moholoholo does not allow any alcohol on the premises.


See FAQs for complete packing list.






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